MUT Superstars Part II: Arbitrage

Continuing the series on MUT Superstars, today I’m going to highlight an arbitrage opportunity. In MUT 19 the introduction of various new currencies often led to ways for sharp MUT investors to take advantage of small market inefficiencies. Arbitrage, by definition is “the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.” In this case, we are going to buy training and sell it in the MUT Superstars market.

As I highlighted a few days ago, 77-78 overall MUT Superstars can be purchased in the store for 60 training. As of this posting, training can regularly be bought for around 50 coins per training point. At that rate, we can buy a gold MUT Superstar for around 3000 coins. A quick check of the market shows these cards sell for approximately 3,750. After tax, this yields a 375 coin profit per card at the time of writing. An updated profit chart can be found towards the end of this post.

So why does this arbitrage opportunity exist? From what I can tell, the prices on the 77-78 overall Superstars are completely driven by the price of the MUT Superstar Masters:

The market for making the Mahomes set is efficient, however this arbitrage opportunity exists because of the crossover between the training and coins markets. The arbitrage is simply not a strong enough pull to drive the price of training up. Essentially the Mahomes market is valuing the gold MUT Superstars at 3,800 coins while the training market is valuing them at 3,000. If everyone started going for this arbitrage opportunity, in theory the training price would go up until the inefficiency was closed. 57 coins per training point is about the breakeven value.

Why don’t people close this gap, or other ones like this in MUT? Probably a few reason:

  1. Laziness – see Theme King power-ups, as an example. Many would prefer to spend 20k coins instead of doing a 10 minute solo challenge
  2. Unawareness – I haven’t seen anyone explicitly point this arbitrage out on any MUT community I frequent
  3. Deemed not worth it – many may not see the small profit per card as a valuable use of time. If done right this can be done very passively while playing other modes.

A side bonus of this arbitrage – it is an easy way to reach Legendary Tier on MUT Rewards. Last year I hit the highest tier pretty early on and it gives some nice rewards throughout the season. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for MUT Rewards here.

How would I put this into practice? I would buy training in 1200 point chunks, buy 20 gold Superstars. List them all on the auction for an hour and go play solos or head-to-head. Rinse and repeat. Assuming you could do this twice an hour you’re looking at an hourly profit of about 15,000 coins in passive income.

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