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Thanks for checking out the site! I’ve been playing since MUT 12 (remember this card?) and want to share my findings. While there are many existing resources, there is no hub for guides that can save players hours. My goal is for this to be that site!

I have learned many things the hard way in this game. Like many others, have been frustrated trying to defend “cheese” plays or teams that blow me out of the water in terms of talent. I hope this website can be your guide to building an Ultimate Team that makes you happy and I want to help you spend your time and/or money most efficiently. With MUT 20 rolling out, this seems as good of a time as ever to launch the site and have strategies and resources in a central place for all to easily access. If you’d like to drop me a note, I’d love to hear from you at jb@mutblog.com.

Thanks again, and MUT on!

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