MUT Superstars Part 1: Introduction

The first promo of MUT 20 is off to a hot start. MUT Superstars highlights the newest feature in Madden: X-Factors. The promo features Masters Harrison Smith (89), Zach Ertz (89), Stephon Gilmore (90) and cover boy Patrick Mahomes (90).

Each of the Masters can be earned through sets, and one can also be earned via Solo Challenge stars. Each Master set requires three specific 84-85 overall MUT Superstars, plus either 35 or 70 of the 77-78 MUT Superstars for the 89 and 90 overall Masters, respectively.

A quick glance at the market prices shows a great opportunity to make some coins or get a MUT Superstar for cheap! Here’s how:

  1. Identify which Superstar to target, either for your team or for sale. I’m going with Patrick Mahomes for this exercise.
  2. Play Solo Challenges to earn 50 stars. Each challenge is pretty easy to get 5 stars if you have a half-way decent team. You should be able to achieve this in 60-90 minutes. This unlocks an 84-85 NAT MUT Superstar fantasy pack.
  3. Choose the highest priced 84-85 that is required for your Superstar. In our case that would be Alshon Jeffery (55,000 coins at time of writing).
  4. Purchase the other two 84-85 Superstars. In our case that would be Chubb and Bulaga for a total of 70,000 coins.
  5. Purchase 4200 Training points at a cost of 40 coins/TP. I did this by purchasing six 84 overalls for a little under 30,000 coins each.
  6. Purchase 70 Gold MUT Superstars in the store for 60 Training points each.
  7. Put everything in the set and you’re done!

Total Investment: 70,000 coins for Chubb and Bulaga. 168,000 coins for the training points for a whopping total of 238,000 coins. At the time of posting, the cheapest Mahomes on the market was 386,000 coins!

Congratulations, you got the best QB in the game for 150,000 coins below market price for only a couple hours of your time. If you’d prefer, you can sit on the 110,000 coin profit and keep your powder dry for a later time.

I’m not going to rehash the exercise, but the above is almost identical for Stephon Gilmore. For Ertz and Smith, the biggest difference is 35 gold MUT Superstars instead of 70. This results in a total investment of 155,000 or so, compared to a market price of about 235,000. If you’re going for pure profit, Mahomes or Gilmore are your best bets as Ertz/Smith only net you around 55,000 coins in profit after tax.

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